Webtools – Generate a Click to Start WhatsApp Chat

唔關咖啡事, 手痕痕, 寫個 script 等人可以 generate 條 whatsapp link 先, 可以俾人放個自己個 website 到, 方便你既 visitors 按一個 button 就可以 whatsapp 你啦! 係咪好方便呢 🙂 記住個 WhatsApp Number 要係連國家碼架, 同理唔可以有符號, 好似 beanduck 咁 +852-94814858 就要入 “85294814858” 咁. 如果我講得唔太清楚, 你可以去番 WhatsApp 官網 睇番佢個解釋啦.

Here is a script to generate a link which you can use on your website, which enable visitors click to start a whatsapp conversation instantly with you. Country code should be included in the whatsapp number (e.g. for beanduck, out number is +852-94814858, the input should be “85294814858”). You might refer to the WhatsApp official website for detail.

WhatsApp Number: Text to start the chat:

reference: https://faq.whatsapp.com/en/android/26000030/

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