Dripbag Instruction

我地收到一的包裝的改善建議, 其中一個提議是包裝背後的 instruction 太複雜. 的確我地都係長氣左的, 所以最新一批 drip bag 的 instruction 已經簡化左啦, 大家可以向呢到重温之前詳細的 instruction.


  1. Prepare hot water (88C – 96C)
    準備熱水(88C – 96C)
  2. Warm your cup by rinsing it with hot water
  3. Tear off top of packet and filter bag
  4. Shake it lightly to level, place hangers onto cup
  5. Bloom! Moisten the ground coffee by hot water (~20ml) and wait for 30s
    用少量熱水(約 20ml)先浸濕咖啡粉,等待30秒
  6. Brew! Slowly pour water through (130ml – 160ml)
    再慢慢倒入熱水(130ml – 160ml)
  7. Remove and discard used filter bag
  8. Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!

Storage: keep coffee bean products away from light, moisture, heat and air; date on the packing is the roasting date, best to consume within 3 months.
儲存:咖啡豆產品避免光線直接照射、潮濕、高溫和空氣接觸。 風味最佳品嚐日期:包裝上的日期是烘焙日期;最好在三個月內享用。

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