Who are we?

  • We are evolved by the founder(s) of MaddleDuck
  • We love coffee and started to home roast coffee beans for the freshness
  • We awarded SCA certificates on brewing, roasting and sensory

What’s beanduck mission?

  • We want to bring quality green bean available for home/small batch roasters
  • We love to share information and techniques on making a good coffee
  • All our roasted/green beans are specialty coffee bean score higher than 80

How to order?

  • Payment:-
    • PayPal/Credit Card accepted online
    • Bank Deposit(BEA 015-255-68-00516-0) or PayMe (+85294814858) with confirmation by Email/ Whatsapp
    • Cash on delivery (for Pick up at MTR stations only)
  • Pick-up/Shipping:-
    • Pick up at MTR stations – Face to face pick up at MTR station along HK Island line by arrangement
    • SF Stations Collection Service – HK$30 applied per 2 kg order, or it’s free for order more than HK$400
    • SmartPost(Counter Collection Service) by HKPost – HK$15 applied per 1 kg order, or it’s free for order more than HK$200


  • 付款:-
    • 接受 PayPal 或信用卡
    • Email 或 Whatsapp 確定後銀行入數 (東亞銀行 015-255-68-00516-0)或 PayMe (+85294814858)
    • 貨到付款 (只適用於港鐵站提貨)
  • 提貨: –
    • 於港鐵站提貨 – 下訂單後,我們可以安排在港島線沿港鐵站交收
    • 於順豐服務中心或順豐站提貨 – 每 2 公斤訂單收取 HK$30 的運費,或訂單滿 HK$400 免運費
    • 於指定香港郵政局提貨 – 每 1 公斤訂單收取 HK$15 的運費,或訂單滿 HK$200 免運費


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